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Cough Syrup

Y.S. asks from Chicago

Hello moms, my son has been coughing for over a week now. We went to his pediatritian last Saturday and she prescribed Albuterol Syrup. 4 days of taking it, the cough...


Humidifier-Cool Mist or Warm?

C.F. asks from Cleveland

Can anyone recommend a humidifier for my boys room? They both have been prescribed albuterol (on an as needed basis)when they have colds/coughs. I am getting ready...


RSV - Are Any Other Moms Dealing with This or Have Dealt with This... ??

B.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Yesterday my 14 month old son woke up with heavy labored breathing and a slight cough with a temp of 100.1. I called the Dr. and she said to bring him in where he wa...


My Baby Has Asthma - UPDATE

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son had bronchiolitis when he was three months old, then it turned into asthma. Once he gets a cold, he starts coughing and then wheezing. So I have to give him ...


Need Advice on Treating One Year Old with Asthma

J.L. asks from Washington DC

My one year old was just diagnosed with asthma. I'm not totally convinced it is full blown asthma though. He is so robust usually and has been in daycare and been aro...


My Three Yr Old Daughter Has Been Sick for 2 1/2 Months Now!

Y.R. asks from Miami

Okay so it started with a stomach virus with flu like symptoms. We then all came down with a really bad cold. I kind of the routine with her already so I upped the ...


Asthma and Croup

A.S. asks from Jacksonville

I have already got a doctor's appointment for my 20 month old son but I'm looking for an parent exprience with asthma and croup. I don't know if my son caught it tha...


Asthma Advice

R.P. asks from Kansas City

My DD is 2 1/2 she hasn't been diagnosed with actual asthma but does have a nebulizer and is doing breathing treatments. Recently she has really been struggling with...


Our 7 Year Old Is Going to Drive Us All Crazy!

R.K. asks from Springfield

Hi. My 7 year old son is in the first grade. He is very very smart sometimes too smart. The problem we are having at home and he is having the same problem at scho...


2 Month Old Possibly Has Asthma What to Know & Expect?

S.2. asks from Bakersfield

Hello moms, My LO just got a regular cough.I took her to the dr. he gave her albuterol drops and said she could have asthma but we have to see. In my mind she has a...