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School Fundraising Ideas

I have just agreed to help my children's elementary school PTA with fundraising next year. As this is something I have no experience with, I was hoping to get some advice from those who 'have been there'. This past year the school did a bulb sale in the fall as well as gift cards (which was not really successful). There is also a program where you can purchase school spirit wear as well as get gift cards to the local grocery store that you buy with a check (and the school receives the 4% that would have been lost to the store if a credit...

Home Work

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Will the Rubbermaid Tall Lunchblox System Fit in an LL Bean Flip-Top Lunch Box?

Will the Rubbermaid Tall (or other) Lunchblox system fit in an LL Bean Flip-Top Lunch box? NB: A few of you were quite rude and called me 'lazy' for not measuring the items in question. For your information, I noted the measurements on both products and tried to make a determination based upon this information prior to asking my question here. In this case, however. measurements don't 'tell all'. The LL Bean Flip Top lunchbox has a 'flip top' with space in the top for a bottle of water or whatever. This means the 'height' measurement...