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The School Says My 6 Yr Old Has A.D.D. Not the Hyperactivity Type

Hi my son just turned siz at the end of August and started first grade at the same time. He struggled thru kindergarten and then we found out he needed his tonsils, adenoids out and tubes put in his ears and he failed his hearing test. Had all this done and now hes been in school for two weeks after his surgery and the teacher tells me has add and needs medication in order to succeed in school. I am wondering if anyone has gone thru this and is there any herbal or homeopathic medicines to try. I am going to see pediatrician on Monday. ...

Home Alone

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11 Year Old Son Trouble Following Instructions

I have a 11 year old son who has trouble following instructions in school & home. He isn't hyper at all so I know that ADHD is out of the question but he does have trouble staying focused and on task. He teachers are concern, doesn't turn in his homework, forgets to take down lessons, his constant response is "I forgot"; I constantly have to ride him if he has & now it's to where he says no & than the teacher emails me & informs he is not turning his work in. The few times he does remembers his homework I know he does his homework...


Staying Home Alone

What age did you start letting your children stay home alone? How long did...


Kids Home Alone

Hello to All, I always have the images of 'Home alone" and what risks I...

Home Work

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Da Vinci Surgery

Has anyone had a hysterectomy using the Da Vinci method? If so how was your recovery time? Any complications?