After School Care: Child, The First Years

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Single Parent Schedule for Their Child(ren)?

I.S. asks from Sacramento

I am curious to know what other single mom's schedule is like for their child(ren) on a school week? My son is 5.5 in Kindergarten. Here is mine: Wake up: 6:30a...


Seeking Advice from Full-time Working Moms -- How Do You Do It?

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms, A little bit of background ... I've worked 20 hours a week since our daughter was born 5 years ago. We've had the luxury of having the grandparents watch o...


I Now Have Homework.

M.H. asks from Dallas

I want to preface this by saying I did quite a bit of homeschool work with my daughter through the summer. I love teaching her. We read together every night, we do va...


Is This an Early Sign?

L.D. asks from Topeka

I have a 10year old boy. His class is small 2 or 3 boys and 10 girls, since they started kindergarten, so obviously the boys and girls play together. I am now startin...


Worried -Care of My Girls

T.I. asks from Sacramento

My daughters' grandfather has been taking care of them (I have two girls) while I work full time. He was great for the first few years but now I am having alot of co...


Kindergarden in a 2-6 Preschool

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My 4 year old has gone to the same great preschool since he was 2 years old. Next year, he'll be the age for Kindergarden and I was initially going to enroll him in ...


Coping with Missing Son While Working

B.G. asks from Lincoln

This is probably going to get long, but first I am new to Mamapedia, but hope you ladies have lots of great ideas for me! I am a single mom of a 6 year old boy. ...


Needs Opinions on Gisd Schools

T.B. asks from Dallas

We live in Garland and we have "choice of schools" enrollment coming up. I am interested in feedback on the following elementary schools: Abbett, Armstrong, and Luna...


Follow up from Redshirting and Think I Made a Mistake with Going to 1St Grade

B.C. asks from Sacramento

So, I decided to write this as a follow up, as I really now have even more questions than before since meeting with the teacher. So, it seems that wether she is on l...


Do You Ever Feel like Just Saying 'Screw It All'

K.G. asks from Sacramento

I know I probably sound like poor pitiful me. I am just EXTREMELY frustrated. We moved to a smaller house 1) because the owner was losing it (but we still had lots ...