After Maternity Leave

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Pregnancy Question - Maternity Leave Before the Baby Is Here?

B.B. asks from New York

I am in my third trimester, and just this past week I've had several people ask me when I am going to stop working. Ha! I wish! I only get 6 weeks maternity leave ...


Need Advice on NOT Returning to Work

D.B. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies, Has anyone ever decided on NOT returning to work while on maternity leave? I need some advice on the proper way to submit my resignation while still...


Returning to Work After Baby Is Born

A.E. asks from Colorado Springs

Hello, I am due at the end of May and am trying to figure out the best maternity leave plan. My husband and I really need the 2 incomes and I only have about 4 weeks ...


Returning to Work After Baby

M.M. asks from Springfield

Well, today I have to go back to work after and insanely short 6 week maternity leave. You think this would be easier the second time around, but it's not. There is...


Teachers and Maternity Leave Beginning of the School

A.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in second grade and she will switch classes this year and learn Social Studies, Reading, Writing from one teacher (her home room teacher) and Math and ...


Mixed Emotions About Returning to Work

D.G. asks from Chicago

Looking for a little advice/story sharing from other moms out there who were SAHM that returned to work and how it worked out. Also, how did your children handle the ...


Returning to Work After Birth

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, I am currently 4.5 months pregnant so it may be premature to ask this. For those of you who were able to choose when to return to work, what was your exp...


Feeling Guilty About Returning to Work.

J.H. asks from Norfolk

Hello Ladies. I'm having a case of the "guilts" about returning to work after 11 weeks of maternity leave. I am very comfortable with the childcare center we have c...


Another BF and Returning to Work Question

A.K. asks from Chicago

I am returning to work FT at the beginning of March, and have the Medela Advanced Pump in Style. I want to continue exclusively BF my son, and have been pumping once...


Having Anxiety About Returning to Work!

J.E. asks from Rochester

My daughter is 5 months old and I had planned on staying out of work through the summer. However, we have had some unexpected financial issues come up. Plus my job ca...