Adult Child

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Taking an "Adult" Child on Vacation? Yes, No, They Help Pay???

3.B. asks from Cleveland

Long story short we have shared parenting of my oldest. But he spends most time there as we have rules and expectations here and he doesn't like that lol But I do NOT...


I Am an Adult Daughter of Narcissistic Mother!

A.M. asks from Jonesboro

I am an adult daughter of a narcissistic mother. Ihave my first and last child - an 19 monthold girl named Sophie. My mother has been driving me to the point of insan...


My 18 Year Old Daughter Is Very Disrespectful and Doesn't Follow Rules. She H ?

A.S. asks from Phoenix

Disobedient, works part time, sneaks out, leaves with out permission


18 Year Old Driving Me Nuts! (Long Vent! LOL)

K.K. asks from Saginaw

my son is driving me crazy! there are ssssoooo many things that I seem to be at the end of my rope with him about and just need to vent. 1.) he doesn't have his ...


18 Year Old Daughter Wants to Move in with Boyfriend

T.E. asks from Los Angeles

Help, my daughter who just turned 18, working and going to college wants to move in with her boyfriend. The boyfriend lives with mom at the grandparents house. I tel...


18 Year Old Son Advise to Make Right Choices

J.M. asks from Flagstaff

My son just turned 18 and though he is the oldest, once upon a time he was the only sibling now he has a brother and sister. He has always been spoiled. and though ...


Oldest Adult Child Syndrome

P.O. asks from Harrisburg

How many of you moms being the oldest child in your family feel targeted at times for being independent, standing up for what you believe and always being misundersto...


Question About a Wedding of an Adult Child....

T.T. asks from Indianapolis

I saw another question similar to this one, but I really need any advice I can get... My stepson, who lives at our house, or a least sleeps here when he isn't with h...


Disrescpectful Adult Child, How to Deal with Her?

L.M. asks from Washington DC

My step daughter turned 20 yesterday. My husband was raised Jehovah's Witness so he does not agree with gift giving but has always given all his children birthday & C...


Relationship with Adult Child

B.C. asks from Decatur

My son is involved in a relationship that has totally changed him. The girl is very controlling and plays mind games. We have tried to welcome her into the family but...