Adult Child: Gerber

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C.H. asks from Miami

I feel like the world's worst mother. my daughter is 18 months old now and everyone keeps telling me , no more bottle. She refuses to use a sippy cup,she only wants h...


Taking 14 Month Old on 5 Hour Flight...

T.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms, I'm completely terrified about taking my little one on vacation with us, but I really want to go! It is about a 5 hour flight and we will be in coach seat...


Will My Kids Ever Eat Veggies?

S. asks from Des Moines

I am in need of some suggestions to get my 18-month-old and my kindergartner to eat their veggies. So far, I can get the older daughter to eat raw carrots and sweet c...


How Do I Get Ppl to Notice Im a Adut

E.N. asks from Dallas

hi my names E. and im 18 years old and i have a 11 month old babygirl and for someone reason everyone treats me like a lil girl even though i graduated from school an...