Adult Child: First Years

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Telling My Adult Daughter That I Took Custody of Her Son

B.K. asks from Tulsa

i have just taken custody of my 9 mo. old grandson. he has been in our home all but 3 1/2 months. from birth to 4 1/2 mo. he lived w/my husband and i so my daughter c...


Bottle for Newborn

S.G. asks from Seattle

Hi, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and went shopping for necessary baby items. But going to the stores only add to my confusion. There are whole bunch of bottles...


Suggestions for Bathing

M.R. asks from Chicago

My son is 14 months old and the squirmiest kid I have ever met. The squirmy part isn't a big deal...until it is bath time. We had been using a bath seat but he has ...


Marriage Going down Hill...

B.K. asks from Washington DC

Hi everyone, I am having relationship issues with my husband of 6 years. We have known each other for 14 years. We began dating when I was 18. We have a 3 year...