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Wisdom Teeth:(

N.F. asks from Grand Rapids

So I looked in all of the other questions asked just to see what people had to say and no one has asked about getting wisdom teeth pulled. Next thursday I am having ...


Need Advice on How to Get My 2 Yr Old to Poop on the Potty

V.J. asks from Orlando

My son is going to be 3 in a couple months and still will not go poop in the potty. He is potty trained otherwise. I have tried rewards, words of encouragement, rea...


Requests Not to Name My Baby *Blank*. Weird?

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

Ok so in about 16 weeks I will be having a baby girl. At first I like the name Charlotte (it is the name of my great-aunt who died last year.) But my cousin said that...


Gluten and Other Food Allergies - How to Find Foods Ok to Eat

T.T. asks from Portland

My 18 yr old daughter Kaitlin has some issues that her doctor believes may be caused by a food allergy. She is doing lab work, which can take a few weeks to come back...


Inlaws Giving My Kids Soda

C.H. asks from Tulsa

I have always wanted my kids to eat healthy. Before children, soda was very rarely in my house. My children are now 3 & 4 years old. At 6 months my in-laws started gi...


What's Wrong with Walking?

A.M. asks from Kansas City

another question got me thinking - has my kid just always been super extremely energetic and strong compared to others? or am i abusing my child somehow by expecting ...


Imaginary Friend

H.B. asks from Detroit

My 2 year old kind of freaked me out the other day (about a week ago) when he was pointing past me telling me to tell the lady to go away....I asked what her name was...


Starting Over

K.C. asks from Chicago

I have an 8 year old son and I recently got married. I keep going back and forth over having another baby. My son is so old and independent now that i'm afraid of sta...


MIL Hates Our Child's Name

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

I'm due with baby #3 in May and my mother-in-law is on a name crusade. We picked the name Rose after the place my husband and I fell in love. My mother-in-law told my...


Anyone Have Experience with Having a Child Repeat 1St Grade?

M.G. asks from Fort Collins

My son has an August birthday and just barely made the cut-off to enter kindergarten last year. He seemed ready so we sent him, knowing he was going to be the younges...