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She Is Expecting Her 20Th Child?

L.A. asks from Austin

I know that some people believe that GOD gives them babies, But at what point do we or should we say, this is enough? If a mom has had tough pregnancies or births, ...


New Pregnancy and Just Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

J.F. asks from Medford

I've learned two life-changing things this week. One, I'm expecting baby number three! Two, I have Celiac disease. From talking to my doctor (a Naturopath) and readin...


What's the Song That Makes You Cry?

E.D. asks from Seattle

(((laughing))) Yup. It's one of *those* nights. I've listened to my crying song (five thousand and fifty times). Phew. What is the song that make YOU cry? ...


How to Help My Sister Grieve

C.W. asks from Redding

Our mom died from lung cancer 1 yr ago yesterday. My sis and I are 27 and 30. My dad and I are moving on "ok" but my sister seems to be struggeling still, way more th...


Favorite past Halloween Costumes Your Kids Picked?

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

My favorite that Emmy chose was when she had J. turned 4 she decided to be Michael Jackson. She is such a girly girl and previous years she had been princesses which...


JFF: What Brought You Joy Recently?

M.P. asks from Chicago

The week isn't over, so I can't say: What brought you joy this week? So, instead, what brought you joy recently? For us, seeing our son just love, love, love his h...


Wearable Craft Idea for a Boy

C.M. asks from Phoenix

I have been making bows/flower for my daughter's hair and I just made her first tutu. My son is starting to get a little jealous because I have not made him anything....


Kids Games at an Adult Birthday Party

S.D. asks from Saginaw

My fiance will be 40 this week. We are having a big party for him, about 35 - 40 people. Our children, ages 1, 5, 13, & 16, will be there as well as a few others ra...


What to Call Grandpa's Wife?

J.Z. asks from Chicago

I have a 6 months old and while we live in a different state as the rest of our family, we show him pictures of them and name them. My husband and I are unsure how to...


No Unemployment for Stay at Home Parents...

R.J. asks from Seattle

Spousal Support (alimony/palimony) used to cover this gap. Or at least was designed to, there are always exceptions and scumbags. How do you feel about more and...