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Fostering to Adopt

C.G. asks from Austin

Hi to all you wonderful moms, my husband & I are very interested in fostering to adopt and wondering if any of you have any experiences you would share with us. We ha...


I Want to Adopt.

C.J. asks from New Orleans

Okay - I am taking the first step; research. My husband and I have been married for ten years and have tried to have a baby all along. I have a child from my first...


Adopt My Grandchild

C.C. asks from San Francisco

Adopt My Grandchild? My dd and her husband became pregnant unexpectedly. They were not ready to have the baby. They decided to go through open adoption so that t...



R.W. asks from Portland

My husband and I are talking about adopting a child. We are open the the sex of the child and also the age of the child. I would love to hear any personal stories f...



C.P. asks from Denver

Hello, all, My DH and I are looking to move on to adoption. Does anyone know anything about Hope's Promise? Can you share your experience? If you used another C...


Praying to Adopt!

M.C. asks from Denver

My husband and I are a financially secure, happy and loving couple hoping to adopt a baby. We have faced infertility and have been unable to have a biological child. ...


Waiting to Adopt!

M.C. asks from Denver

I would love to hear from any mom out there who is waiting to adopt a child or someone who has already adopted. Is there anything that helps you get through each day ...



T.B. asks from New York

Have a wonderful family. . . a loving husband and an daughter who we adopted from birth. But, I am turning 40 this week and seeing some of my friends about 7 family ...



P.A. asks from Houston

My husband and I have a dilema. I am 43 abd he is 37. We have a 4 1/2 year old who we adore! However, we would both like to have another child. I have recently discov...



R.F. asks from Houston

I started an adoption Aug. 2011 & have already had the HM study. I'm awaiting for my daughters (one I'm going to adopt) appointed attorneys visit. Has anyone gone ...