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Seeking Advice on Moving on After Adoption

V.C. asks from Detroit

I have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy and adopted him to a wonderful couple. We have an open adoption and they are very considerate of my emotions, and I kn...


Needing Advice on Reversing an Adoption

N.R. asks from Houston

My mother adopted my sisters two children about 8 years ago, they are now 15 and 12 and my sister is back in thier lives and is wanting them back. My mother has MS an...


Giving Your Child up for Adoption

I.S. asks from Boston

Has anyone ever felt that their child would be better off living with a family who can provide them with all they deserve? I love my three year old daughter more than...


Advice Regarding Giving a Child for Adoption.

B.F. asks from San Antonio

I am about 27 weeks pregnant and I am looking into giving this child for adoption. I’d like to get some prospective from people who have gone this route and see if...


Resources for Myself- No Maternity Coverage

B.D. asks from Kansas City

Hi. I don't have maternity coverage and we are ttc. Does anyone have any resources I could go to for help with that? I've heard that Kansas has a plan that helps fami...


Has Anyone Had Experiences with the Foster to Adoption Program?

K.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Ladies, My husband and I are thinking about doing the foster to adoption program and are wondering if any of you have had experiences with the program - good, cha...


Info on Adoption

A.P. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone know of a way to adopt a child without the $20,00 fee( we can afford anouther child, just not the up front costs), and without Fostering? We lost our 75 d...


Adoption Help

T.A. asks from Chicago

Hi, my husband and I would like to expand our family. We already have a 6 year old daughter, and was wondering if there are any agencies from which we could adopt a c...


Financing an Adoption

S.P. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have tried for three long years to conceive a child of our own and have not been able to. I have a child from a previous marriage and my husband has...


Adoption and Money

L.R. asks from Dallas

Have any of you adoptive Mommies been able to adopt for 10-15k or less? If so, could you lay out which route you took? What agencies, etc you used. Thanks!