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T.R. asks from Denver

I just posted. We are also looking into adoption. I spoke to someone on here a long time ago who knew a lot about public adoption... I can't find that conversation an...



C.W. asks from Las Vegas

Has any moms on here adopted babies? I've heard of actually being there when the baby is born for adoption. How does that work? I've also heard financially and waitin...



H.D. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are done having kids of our own but have thought about adopting one. The only thing is we are kind of picky about what we would want (I know it sound...



S.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I needed some advice. My husband has a brother back in India, who does not have children and is having problems conceiving. We are married for almost ...



T.E. asks from Philadelphia

Ok Moms I know this is an odd question but I have no one to give me objective answers. I am the mother of a ten year old girl who is spoiled rotten by her grandparen...


Adoption Party

T.M. asks from Pittsburgh

Has anyone ever been to an adoption party? What are some appropriate gift ideas? A little more information, the children are ages 1 and 3. thank you for the help ...


International Adoption

T.R. asks from Clarksville

My husband and I have been trying to adopt domestically for over a year. We are now looking into other options such as international adoption. We are currently thin...


Adoption Experience and Resources.

V.I. asks from Orlando

Looking for adoptive mom's experiences or resource recommendations. We are considering growing our family through adoption and are just starting the process. We wer...


Adoption Agencies

P.A. asks from New York

Hi, My husband and I are trying to adopt a child for a year now, but have not been successful we are thinking about going with an Agency, but they are all so expensi...


Thinking About Adoption

J.P. asks from Lakeland

This is really hard for me to even ask or think about this, but My husband and I are thinking about adoption. I am 28 weeks pregnant. I lost my job and times are roug...