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Adoption Questions

S.S. asks from Seattle

So My Brother in law was talking to me the other day and is Ex-girlfriend is due with his baby any day now. She has just informed him that she is giving the baby up f...


Adoption Books and Agencies?

J.T. asks from Merced

Hi, My husband and I are contemplating adoption....specifically, international adoption. Does anyone have any good recommendations for books on adoption (especially...



S.B. asks from Columbus

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you guys if anyone knows anything about adopting. My husband and I have been talking about it, but I don't know were to start or wh...



M.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter is happy six years old girl and I started getting worry on How and When is the right time to tell her that she is adopted child?? thank you


Anyone Done a Domestic Adoption?

A.A. asks from Chicago

Hey moms, My husband and I would like to consider domestic adoption to add to our family. Have any of you had experience with this? Where to start? How it works? ...


Is Adoption the Best Thing to Do?

O.C. asks from Orlando

is it the best thing to do be giving your baby up for adoption if you can afford to raise her financially?please help me out my baby for adoption.he is 1week now and ...


Please Tell Me Your Adoption Story

P.D. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are just in the talking stages of adoption. We are really not in a position financially to consider an overseas or even regular private adoption. H...


Open Adoption Info

S.H. asks from Eugene

I am a first time Grandmother to a 5 1/2 mo. darling Grandson. My daugter has not bonded with this little guy and it is time to check into open adoption even though ...


Resources to Assist New Single Mom with Kids

K.W. asks from St. Louis

I live in North County and wanted to know what are some Rent/Mortgage resources to assist a single mom with kids. Thanks for your help. :)


Overseas Military Adoption Centers

A.C. asks from Stationed Overseas

I'm an airman thats based in RAF Lakenheath in the UK - a base thats notorious for pregnancies. I'm concerned that one day I will become pregnant while on duty here a...