Adding Cereal to Milk

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Rice Cereal

H.G. asks from Dallas

At my son's four month visit, the dr. said to go ahead and start rice cereal. I have been trying to get my son to eat it, but he keeps spitting it out. I feed him t...


How Much Cereal

C.M. asks from Madison

I have an Almost 5 month who has started eating cereal. He also has started waking up in the middle of the night to breastfeed, at witch time he needs a diaper change...


Starting Cereal

S.M. asks from El Paso

I just moved so I dont have a new dr. out here yet, the baby book Im reading isnt very clear, and the box doesnt my questions are...once I start my baby on r...


When to Start Cereal?

E.W. asks from Tulsa

My baby is going to be 8wks old next week and I was wondering when other Mom's started feeding cereal. I have talked to the doctor and they have said that they want h...


Starting Cereal

R.P. asks from Seattle

My daughter is 5months 2 weeks. She has been sitting up for about a month by herself. She seems very interested in what we eat and does grab for it. I want to star...


Breastfeeding and Cereal?!

F.K. asks from Fargo

I just started my 4 month old on cereal a week ago. He doesn't seem to care too much for it but eats it just fine. My concern is that now when I try to breast feed hi...


Rice Cereal

A.B. asks from Dallas

I recently was told I could start my almost 5 month old on rice cereal. So we did this weekend and he hates it. He cries constantly when we try and give it to him. ...


How Do I Start Cereal?

E.T. asks from Kansas City

my son is almost 6 months old (next week). i'd like to start rice cereal. how much do i start with? how many times a day to start? when and how much to increase by? w...


When to Start Cereal??

J.E. asks from Oklahoma City

I have a very healthy 20lb baby boy who will be 4 months old in two weeks. He is soley breastfed. Should I start him on rice cereal 1 time a day right now. He slee...


Starting Cereal

S.T. asks from Jacksonville

Thinking of starting cereal with my 2 month old. I know its a little early to put her on it but she seems to not get full sometimes on formula alone and I think she w...