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Playtex Drop Ins

Anyone out there use playtex drop ins? How do you feel about them? I am considering trying them for baby #2 thinking that it will be less cleaning of bottles (hubby is not much help!). I will likely use a few different brands of bottles (like dr browns and avent in past.) If you have used them, can you mix the formula and water in the pouch itself or do you have to premix the formula then put it in the pouch? Just curious, thanks!

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Need Opinions on Breast Pumps. -- Playtex Embrace?

I have a Medela Pump In Style now. I hate pumping but my son will not take formula and I will be working part time on weekends so I need to. I think the thing I don't like the most is the clean up. I know it does not take long to clean, but I don't like cleaning all the parts. I do have 2 sets, I do use the dishwasher, but when I need to pump more I need to wash by hand. I have the Medela steam bags to sanatize the parts. (I don't know as if I really need these, I use them just in case.) My question is, do you have a suggestion...