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Diaper Rash from Hell....

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

My 12 month old has had a diaper rash for MONTHS. (She's been in to 6 different pediatricians.) A couple claimed it was a yeast infection, (We tried over the counte...


A & D Ointment in Baby's Eye

S.K. asks from Seattle

Hi Mamas - Just wondering if anyone else has run into this and what you did. Last night when I was getting my 9 month old baby girl ready for bed, I accidentally go...


Can Diaper Rash and Not Eating Be Related?

M.G. asks from Richmond

I have an eight month old daughter. First of all, by the standard growth chart, she's about 2 lbs underweight (as in, off the charts) and the pediatrician makes SURE...


Severe Persistent Diaper Rash

M.N. asks from Philadelphia

Hello everybody, and thanks for reading in advance! My three year old is still in diapers, and she's had this diaper rash on and off for a little while, and now it's ...


Infant First Aid Needs

M.R. asks from Chicago

I'm about to be a first time mom and am curious to know what pharmaceutical-type items I should include in an infant 'first aid kit' (not things like nasal aspirator,...



N.F. asks from Boston

ok well i feel aweful. My family and I went to the race track ad i put sunscreen on him but I forgot to reapply!!! I feel like a horriable mom. He got a sunburn and I...


Cradle Cap

K.J. asks from Dallas

my 3 month old infant has cradle cap and its to the point where she has lost some of her hair and now has some bald spots as well as sores from her scratching her sca...


Looking for Advice on Infant Skincare

A.S. asks from Boston

My 5 month old daughter is very chubby and has very red, chaffed skin on the back of her knees. I'm sure it's because her legs are so chubby, but I can't find anythi...


Strech Mark O Baby?

M.W. asks from Kansas City

I just had my son one month ago today! But what I thought was a rash on his butt I've noticed now isn't to my thinking, it looks more like very fresh strech marks tha...


Rash on Buttocks of Four Year Old

A.E. asks from Springfield

My four year old son has red bumps all over his bottom that I don't know the cause of or how to make them go away. He is potty trained during the day but wears pull ...