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Bad Diaper Rash

A.C. asks from Huntsville

My 10 month gets such bad diaper rash, some times it blisters and bleeds, does anyone know what i can do to help this for her comfort. I use the A&D and that seems t...


Diaper Rash Treatments

A.S. asks from New York

My second child (1 week old boy) has diaper rash all over his little bottom. I never really experienced this with my daughter (now 2 years old) so am not familiar wi...


Diaper Rash

C.H. asks from New York

I am looking for an alternative to Desitin, Balmex and A&D. My youngest has diaper rash on and off and the A& D does not work for her. She screams when I put Desiti...


My Toddler

T.E. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is potty trained for a while now, last night she took a bubble bath and as I was putting her pjs on I noticed a red rash on her but and it went all the wa...


Diaper Rash

C.G. asks from Cincinnati

My 2 month old son is experiencing diaper rash that just won't go away. I've been using A&D which worked well with my daughter, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I...


Major Diaper Rash/yeast Infection

E.W. asks from New York

My doctor has prescribed Niastatin for my DD's rash which started when we introduced solids and has continued on and off ever since. Doctor said the rash was norm...


Diaper Rash

J.M. asks from McAllen

I have a 2 year old who has very sensitive skin. Whenever he has a cough w/ flem he gets diarrhea and the rash begins. His skin is so sensitive that he begins to blee...


11 Month Old with Bad Eczema

J.T. asks from New York

Hello ladies, My 11 month old daughter has had eczema since she was 5 months old and I feel as she gets older, her eczema is getting worse. I've tried aquaphor, A&D ...


Diaper Rash Gone Bad

N.B. asks from Huntington

my 1 month old daughter has an awful diaper rash, Ive used desitin, a&d, johnson's 3-in-1, and an oraganic butt balm. nothing I do seems to help much, i've managed t...


Anyone with a Tattoo Have You Ever....

D.S. asks from Dallas

I'm not sure if anyone else has ever had this problem, but I thought that I would ask anyway. I just recently got a tattoo (a week ago) and I had been putting Vitami...