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Swimming Lessons with 10 Month Old

R.S. asks from Chicago

Has anyone ever taken swimming lessons with your baby? I thought it could be fun...she's still only 7 months but I was considering it...I'm so tired all the time that...


Crib Recalled, Now What?

L.C. asks from New York

Just found out the Simplicity Ellis crib was recalled. I bought it at, probably around December 2005. Im positive that I no longer have the receipt. Doe...



S.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hello fellow Mamas, I am trying to figure out the best way to help my 2 1/2 yr old son to be somewhat empathetic. I'm not expecting to achieve a high level of this...


Favorite Oldies but Goodies

J.K. asks from Chicago

Movies that your kids loved or do love old and new such as Annie, Wizard of Oz, Charlotte's web and the Lorax :)


How to Choose a Sport for a Pre-schooler and Toddler?

J.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have this question bothering me for a while. So I am posting it here so that I can get some ideas. I am a mom of 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old boys . I am wonder...



D.T. asks from Dallas

My oldest just tirned 5 and we want to start an allowance for her. We have not done this before so we aren't sure what the best method is. We have already decided tha...



L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

What ways do you *simplify* your life? (any or all realms ~ relationships, household, duties, spirit, kids, etc.) I love the idea of living simply ~ or simplifyin...


Follow up to Earlier Question: Teaching Gratitude

K.U. asks from Detroit

I had posted earlier about my 4 year old DD flipping out at the mall today over a toy - picking one out, then changing her mind, then wanting both, and me not giving ...



S.T. asks from Kansas City

okay, so i originally posted a question about not liking others parenting styles and if others felt similar...not in those words but you get the gist....before it sta...


Sewing Machine

M.M. asks from San Diego

I've decided I wanted to finally get a sewing machine. The last one I've ever seen used was by my Mom years & years ago & she no longer has it. I've seen the new on...