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The Best Running Sshoes for a High Arch

I'm in need of some new running shoes and I've researched online but wanted some advice from others who might have the same problem. My Pediotrist told me not to ever wear flats because of my high arch. Thanks in advance!!

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Looking for Sports Bra That Works

I was wondering if anyone knows of a high impact sports bra that works well for a woman with a D cup? I found some nice comfortable ones at Walmart that say high impact, but they just don't work well when I'm riding a horse! I heard Oprah talking about how she had to really search around to find a good sports bra that held her securely and she mentioned the one she finally found that did the trick, but I don't remember the brand name she gave. I was wondering if anyone knows or has any other suggestions.


Sports on TV

Do you count sports towards kids TV time? I'm leaning towards no. My...

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Seeking Cheap Indoor Activities for Baby on UWS

Hi everyone - I am mom to a very active, energetic 7-month-old boy who is already crawling and standing up. As fall and winter approach, I am starting to get a bit nervous about how to keep him entertained in the colder months (right now we spend tons of time in the park). We live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and I've looked into classes but I can't believe how expensive they are! Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive/free activities or classes we can do in the fall and winter? I looked into story hour at the local library...


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Need Suggestions for Preschool Boys Size 12 Gym Shoes

Hi Mamas, I have been buying Sketcher gym shoes (aka sneakers) as my 4 year old son's everyday shoes as I have liked that they have velcro straps instead of laces. Although I'll buy no-name clothes, etc., I typically buy brand-name shoes as I have wanted a higher quality to ensure his growing feet have the right support, cushion, etc. I think feet are important. So I have become disappointed with Sketchers--I just paid $14 three weeks ago to have a buckle and connector thingy replaced by the shoe repair guy only to find that the...


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Plain White Sports Shoes

I need to find plain white sports shoe for my daughter's gym class. They cannot have a logo, emblem, or any color. I can buy them from the uniform store, but they are $45 and I was hoping to get by without paying that much. Do any of you have a brand you can suggest and I can look it up online to find a store near me?

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Shopping Ahead of Time for Toddler Clothes

So, you know how after kids hit that 18 month mark they kind of stop growing so rapidly? Well, my daughter is 20 months, has always been able to wear the clothing size that matches her age. She'll be 2 in December and her 18-24 month stuff fits very well. My issue is this--there are SO many great end-of-season summer sales going on right now! I'd love to take advantage, but I'm not sure what size I should buy. Next summer she'll be 2.5. Do I stick with a 2T? Is there a huge difference between 2T asnd 3T? I know she can't do Old...

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Need a New Excercise DVD

Hi Ladies! This is my first post =) I have been doing the SLIM IN 6 DVDs off an on for a year. They work great but I am getting board!! Does anyone have a good excercise DVD to recommend? I would love a bootcamp type of DVD. Any advise would be loved!!


It's NO TV!

Hi Mamas, We have been boycotting television for years now. We do have a...