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7 Year Old Soon Will Discover No Santa, What to Do About 3 Year Old?

C.F. asks from Indianapolis

My 7 year old has already called me out thinking I am the tooth fairy so I think Santa will be right down the road. I want to preserve Santa, etc...for my 3 year old ...


6 Year Old Allowance

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is almost 6 years old. She has no concept of money. She thinks that it is ALWAYS available to her. I want to start giving her an allowance, so she can ...


10 Year Old Defiant Son

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

I am so desperate for any advice from other parents of 10 year old boys. My son is not at all respectful of my discipling him, he doesn't care what I threaten him wit...


7 Year Old Discipline

J.S. asks from Austin

My 7 year old girl will not do her chores. I have a list of chores on the refrigerator and she knows she is suppose to do those chores everyday, the same time everyd...


Swimming Lessons

T.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of any places that provide swimming lessons other than the Keller Natatorium and YMCA in the NRH/Keller/NFW area? I have 3 that need lessons and know...


Swimming Lessons

S. asks from Kansas City

Hey all. I am looking for swimming lessons for my 2 1/2 year old son. Any suggestions? We live in Western Shawnee. Thanks so much! S.


Swim Lessons

T.W. asks from Dallas

Any recommendations on swim lessons in South Garland? My 7 year old dropped out of the lessons offered by his daycare provider. I would like to sign him up and my 1 ...


Swimming Lessons

S.J. asks from Seattle

I really need help with swimming lessons for my 6 and 9 year old sons. They both did lessons at MTL pool during their preschool years and always advanced to the next...


Allowance for 7 Year Old--how to Do It?

N.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My 7 year old daughter wants to earn her own money. So, I think it's time to start an allowance, but wasn't sure if it should be tied to things she does to help our ...


9 Year Old Chores

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

Hello, I would like some advice about expectations of cleanliness for a 9 year old boy. My ds is an intelligent, respectful and responsible guy EXCEPT when it comes t...