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When Do They Give up Their Lovies??

V.M. asks from Cleveland

I was going to ask this question today even before i read the My Little Pony back pack post. My Ds went to a sleep over last month with his lovey bear, like a small...


First Time Mom in Need of Clothing Size Lesson

M.H. asks from Houston

Is it just me or is it difficult to find 12 month sizes!?! There is a vast array of 3-6,6-9,and even 18 month. Where do the 12 months go? Also, what the heck does 1T,...


Where to Buy Children's Swimsuits This Time of Year?

D.W. asks from Minneapolis

My 7- and 1-year-old girls are in swimming lessons and loving every minute of it! They're both also having growth spurts and unfortunately their swimsuits are lookin...


Where Can I Get a Swimsuit for My Toddler?

N.O. asks from Chicago

Hi, I'm starting swim lessons with my daughter next week. Any ideas where I can get her a swimsuit??? I've looked on line at Target, Penny's, Sears, Babycenter, ...


Best Clothes for Newborns?

S.K. asks from San Francisco

I am a first time Mom-to-be and am a little overwhelmed by what kind of baby clothes will be the most comfortable for my newborn - any ideas?


Feeling a Little Surprised?

M.6. asks from New York

We have 6 kids - all adults now. Our youngest daughter (middle child) is pregnant and due late summer. She has been married for a couple years and this is their fir...



A.L. asks from Dallas

Ok Moms I have a strange issue. My 15 month old drools sooooo much it is unreal. My question is how do you get the smell of drool out of their clothes? It seems li...



H.R. asks from Columbus

hi ladies~ i have another question. i have a little boy, he just turned 2 in sept. he drinks more water than anyone i know, haha. very very diluted juice. at night ...


What Can I Do for a Family That Just Had Preemie Twins ?

N.W. asks from Chicago

A very good friend of mine from work and his wife just had to deliver their babies prematurely (29W4D), and I want to do something nice for them, but am not sure what...


I'm Drowning in PAPER -- What Do I Keep???

D.O. asks from Chicago

I just had my 4th baby in May, but I'm still in a nesting phase. I look around my house and I see paper EVERYWHERE! I just want to toss everything but not sure if t...