Acting Up: Toddler

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Bad Attitude.

S.M. asks from Anniston

My son is 12. He has a bad attitiude about everything. He HATES to take a bath and to brush his teeth. His normal response is "Shut up you idiot! He has been diagnos...


Disrespectful 7 Year Old. Please Help.

B.M. asks from Denver

I need some help with my daughter! She is 7 years old. She has always been a great kid, wants to do the right thing, generous, sweet, can take her anywhere. I have ev...


Disrespectful 9 Year Old

D.M. asks from Raleigh

My son has always been very sweet and very sensitive to other peoples feelings, especially those he cares about the most. But over the last 6 months his behavior has ...


Disrespectful Daughter

L.A. asks from Boston

My 20 year old daughter attends a local university and lives at home. She treats and speaks me disrespectfully and I don't know how to make her understand that this ...


Needing Help with Defiant 3 Year Old!

D.H. asks from Chicago

Hello to all you moms out there! My three year old is really into the "terrible Threes". She is hitting, spitting, saying no all the time, defiant, talking back, cr...


4 Year Old with Attitude

D.P. asks from Gainesville

ok so i know i ask alot of question,but im just curious how yall handle these kinds of thing. so my oldest daughter is 4 and she had the bad and very rude attitude li...


Acting Out

L.L. asks from Denver

We have a 3 year old grand daughter in our house that is very "rebellious" over everything. It's no to everything, back-talking like she is a teenager and going out ...


HELLLLP Attitude Control

K.O. asks from Miami

first let me tell you I have three beautiful girl (2,5,& 7). The girls are very well behaved. They have their days, but for the most part they are great girls. My pro...



T.R. asks from Kalamazoo

Okay, my son will be 3 yo next month and already he acts like he is a teenager with the back talk, tantrums, and attitude. My husband and I wont stand for this. Ha...


Teenager's Bad Attitude During Family Weekend Vacation-consequences?

K.C. asks from Tampa

What sort of consequence, if any, would you suggest for a 15 year old-almost 16 girl who had a real bad attitude during a family weekend out of state? We were away f...