Acting Up: Older Child, Munchkin

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My 7 Year Old Has a Horrible Attitude Problem and Is Extremely Spoiled!!!!

V.F. asks from New York

My 7 year old daughter Briana and I live with my parents. I seperated from Briana's father when she was just 2 and ever since I moved back in with my mother Briana's ...


How to Respond to Other Children's Reactions to My Baby with Special Needs

J.E. asks from Grand Junction

I was at a playground today with my big girl who is 4 years old and baby girl who is 10 months. Some young boys noticed my littlest munchkin and said something like "...


Advice from a Close Friend

K.R. asks from Grand Forks

I guess it's more like telling me what to do rather than giving advice, but one of my good friends who is a mother of one keeps telling me what I need to be doing wit...


Difficulty with Potty Training

L.M. asks from Norfolk

My son is turning "3" in four days. However, he has no interest in potty training what-so-ever. It doesn't bother my husband and I (other than the high cost of pull...


Stress Mom W 3 Girls

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

there are times when i just get so stressed.i have a 6,2,and 1 yr. old.i work full time and my husband and i work opposite shifts so i feel mother in law tak...


2 Year Old on Air Plane

C.F. asks from Milwaukee

We are going back to Disney World in March. This will be the first time for my daughter Claire. She is only 2 in October(she was in my tummy last time). I plan on buy...