Acting Up: Infant

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Defiant 10-Yr Old Boy

S.X. asks from Champaign

My oldest son (10) is extremely strong-willed and is becoming more and more defiant every day. The least little request is met with opposition. I tried giving him m...


Need Help with Disrespectful Teen

L.K. asks from Austin

What to do with disrespectful teen? I have a 15 year old DD that I don’t know what to do about when it comes to her disrespect of me and her mouth. She is a good ki...


Attitude Adjustment

N.C. asks from Los Angeles

I just had this big fight with daughter over her sassy rude attitude. I guess part of my frustration is that as a kid I was never allowed to speak to my parents rudel...


Disrespectful 8 Yr Old

C.H. asks from Little Rock

I have a daughter that is 8yrs and has become increasingly disrespectful. She started out talking back and has now started nudging me out of the way or hitting me li...


Needing Help with Defiant 3 Year Old!

D.H. asks from Chicago

Hello to all you moms out there! My three year old is really into the "terrible Threes". She is hitting, spitting, saying no all the time, defiant, talking back, cr...


4 Year Old with Attitude

D.P. asks from Gainesville

ok so i know i ask alot of question,but im just curious how yall handle these kinds of thing. so my oldest daughter is 4 and she had the bad and very rude attitude li...


Teenager's Bad Attitude During Family Weekend Vacation-consequences?

K.C. asks from Tampa

What sort of consequence, if any, would you suggest for a 15 year old-almost 16 girl who had a real bad attitude during a family weekend out of state? We were away f...


Child with Attitude

E.G. asks from El Paso

Within this past 3 year old son has decided to carry and attitude that I just dont recognize. Anything I ask him to do is just "NO". Its seems its his favorite word....


Why Is My 6 Year Old Soooo Defiant?

K.H. asks from Wausau

All right, here's the thing, my 6 year old daughter's dad called me yesterday telling me she was cought in school trying to cut her hair, she's done this outside of s...


Lazy Husband

N.Z. asks from Chicago

Good morning Moms...I'm sure you have heard this a million times, but I need some advice. My husband and I used to work as a pretty good team. We have a six year ol...