Acne: Toddler

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Acne Solutions??

N.M. asks from Portland

Hello Moms! I am totally at a loss and could really use some good advice. I have battled acne my entire life. In high school I even did two rounds of acutane (nast...


Butt Pimple???

S.J. asks from Jackson

My 2 year old daughter has a large red bump on her butt with a white head. When I wash it or put neosporin on it she pulls away and says it hurts. Of course I googled...


Acne Help

A.V. asks from Victoria

Help!!! I am breaking out sooo bad. It seems like I have tried everything. I am currently using clearasil ultra gel wash, this used to do the trick like magic but see...


Teen Acne

T.H. asks from Columbus

my 16 year old daughter has really bad acne and it is getting worse. Does anyone have any suggestions?


What Is Your Favorite Product to Help Acne?

M.G. asks from Detroit

My hormones seem to be changing and I keep breaking out around my mouth and chin. What are your favorite products to clear up acne or prevent it all together? I do us...


Acne and Preteen

S.F. asks from San Francisco

My 12 year old daughter has hit the age of acne. She has started to break out and I want to jump on it before it causes problems with her skin. She is good about h...


Adult Acne

C.E. asks from Los Angeles

I happen to be going through a very stressful time right now, and my chin always breaks out badly when this happens. Thank you for any suggestions you can provide for...


Menopausal Acne

J.N. asks from Detroit

I have been having an awful time with acne. When I was in high school my face was as clean as a babies bottom, now I have breakouts everyday and it is really becoming...


Acne Ugh

H.E. asks from McAllen

my 13 year old is a beautiful vivacious girl, and she has acne. We have tried every over the counter remedy as well as the all promising Proactive. Nothing seems to w...


32 With Acne :(

S.S. asks from Atlanta

I've been battling break outs more so in my late 20's and into my early 30's than I had when I was a teen! Any suggestions on washes or acne spot treatments? Looking ...