Acid Reflux due to GERD

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Gas And/or Acid Reflux

L.A. asks from Minneapolis

My little guy is now 3.5 weeks old. Since we brought him home, we noticed that he tends to strain when he poops or needs to pass gas, which I know is considered norm...


Acid Reflux in an Older Child

R.B. asks from Louisville

My 9 year old daughter has episodes of stomachaches and then she spits up several times in a short amount of time sometimes even small chunks of food and then it is o...


Gas and Acid Reflux

N.W. asks from Minneapolis

my little girl is 4 weeks old and she is gets really fussy after she eats. She is formula fed (milk based Nestle Good Start) and the doctor thinks she has acid reflu...


Is It Asthma or Acid Reflux?

T.M. asks from New York

Hello everyone . . . My daughter is 6 1/2 years old and has recently been complaining that she's having trouble breathing. She falls asleep sitting up with me beca...


Asthma or Acid Reflux?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Okay, I asked all of you a question the other day about my almost 3 year old son and his severe cough but here is another... To give a little from the other questi...


Need Help with Acid Reflux

F.G. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter, who is 6 weeks old, was diagnosed with acid reflux. She is on liquid zantac and I just changed her formula to soy. I have already added rice cereal to th...


Constipation,pregnant,acid Reflux? Maybe TMI ?

M.F. asks from Youngstown

So I am 5 months 1 week pregnant with my fourth child. A girl,the other three are boys. I haven't gone to the bathroom since Thursday night wich was horrible. I take ...


16 Month Old with Acid Reflux

M.M. asks from Appleton

Just wanted to know if there was anyone who has a young child with acid reflux. I talked to my daughters pediatrician, he told me to give her antacids. I am worried...


Acid Reflux

M.K. asks from Indianapolis

My DS is 6 months old. He has had reflux since I believe his very first feeding. We tried to keep him off meds as long as possible but the reflux just made him so u...


Has Anyone Used over the Counter Probiotics to Help Acid Reflux in Baby?

M.M. asks from Jamestown

Has anyone used over the counter probiotics to help acid reflux in baby? What are your opinions on probiotics and infants who breastfeed?