Acid Reflux due to GERD: Singulair

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Asthma or Acid Reflux?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Okay, I asked all of you a question the other day about my almost 3 year old son and his severe cough but here is another... To give a little from the other questi...


Is It Asthma or Acid Reflux?

T.M. asks from New York

Hello everyone . . . My daughter is 6 1/2 years old and has recently been complaining that she's having trouble breathing. She falls asleep sitting up with me beca...


Milk Allergy or Reflux Please Help

B.V. asks from Biloxi

My 6 week old has had excessive mucos in his nose and throat which has been causing him to gag for the past 4 weeks. He drinks 4 oz every 2 hours, he does not make it...


Is My Baby Lactose Intolerant?

C.M. asks from Dallas

My son is 11 days old and when he was in the hospital he couldn't eat regular formula, he kept spitting it all up, so the nurse put him on Prosobee, which is a soy ba...


Daughter Has Dark Circles and Nasaly

M. asks from Minneapolis

Any moms have had their kids see an ENT. We have an appt. on the 13th of Nov. Since April my daughter has had a lingering cold, or what seemed to be a cold and runn...


5 Year Old Having Complete Meltdowns / Possibly ADHD

M.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone might experience meltdowns... I am not talking like the "he's tired and crabby" meltdown I am talking a fill on fit kicking and screa...


Daugter Has Allergies?

K.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on my almost 3yr old daughters health. She has had a chronic stuffy/runny nose and cough for 4months now. The cough wakes her at nite ...