Acid Reflux due to GERD: Similac

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Acid Reflux

K.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 7 month old daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux last week. Her symptoms are difficulty swallowing breastmilk and formula at times, coughing alot and gagging w...


Acid Reflux

B.C. asks from Minneapolis

We have a precious 3 month old breastfed little princess that has severe acid reflux. When she was 10 weeks old she lost her voice for 5 days and ended up have a lar...


Similac Alimentum

M.M. asks from Boston

I have been writing on here a bit about my son and his acid reflux. My doctor now gave him similac alimentum. I guess it is a perscription formula. He hates it. W...


Gas and Acid Reflux

N.W. asks from Minneapolis

my little girl is 4 weeks old and she is gets really fussy after she eats. She is formula fed (milk based Nestle Good Start) and the doctor thinks she has acid reflu...


Acid Reflux

M.K. asks from Indianapolis

My DS is 6 months old. He has had reflux since I believe his very first feeding. We tried to keep him off meds as long as possible but the reflux just made him so u...


Constipation in Infants

N.B. asks from Janesville-Beloit

Im Looking For Answers On My 5mth Old Daughters Constipation..if anyone is familiar with this please help me on how to stop it she is 5mths old has acid reflux diseas...


Similac Vs. Enfamil

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hello Mommies! I have a newborn, only 13 days old. We've figured out she has a milk intolerance so we started giving her Similac Alimentum formula about a week ago....


Seeking Input on Starting GERD 6 Month Old on Solids

N.L. asks from New York

My daughter is 6 months old and she was diagnosed with GERD (infant acid reflux) at 3 months old. We've had to feed her Similac Alimentum plus Pepcid everday. We've...


Infant Constipation

T.S. asks from Portland

My 3 month old daughter seems to be having some constipation problems. She normally goes atleast once a day. But lately she has only been going every 3 days or so. ...


Trouble with One Month Old-advice on If It Is Colic or Acid Reflux

A.D. asks from Dallas

I have one month old twin girls, one is is very fussy and screams while I am feeding her a bottle. Her tummy gets really tight and it takes her a very long time to b...