Acid Reflux & GERD: Pedialyte

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Is It Reflux?

M.M. asks from Oklahoma City

Hello Moms I was wondering if anyone had the same or similair situation. Ok my story first. When my now 8 month old was born he wouldnt tolerate regular formula or br...


Reflux, Cereal, Constipation, Sleep and Twins...warning: a Little Long!

M.M. asks from San Diego

My 4 1/2 mo old twins were just diagnosed with reflux. The Dr recommended we start them on rice cereal 2/day to help (among other things). It has seemed to help Mic...


Reflux? Infection? Please Help!

S.J. asks from Dallas

My son's doctor has been closed due to weather. Here is what's going on...for a few weeks he has gagged a few times a day but nothing comes out. He just started presc...


Toddler with Continual Vomiting

R.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is almost 18 months old. This morning she drank her milk and immediately thereafter she threw it all up. We tried to give her bread, water, rice, bananas ...


14 Month Old with Recurrent Vomiting

H.N. asks from Seattle

Hello moms, my daughter started to vomit almost anything when she turned 1yr old and everyday. We've switched from milk to soy to ricemilk without help so not an all...


Please Help Its Ergent!!!

A.L. asks from New Orleans

my 5 week old baby boy was having bad stomach cramps and vomiting, so i brought him to the doctor on friday. well come to find out hes lactose intolerant, so i switch...


Sick Son

K.B. asks from Philadelphia

My son is five and a half months old and since last monday has had an upper respitory infecton. He has now begin vomiting at least once a day. Today he projectile v...



K.C. asks from Springfield

my daughter who is almost 3 months old has acid reflux. she was full term and was 7 lbs she is now only 9 lbs. she just recently started throwing up clear liquid all...


Throwing Up

M.L. asks from Dallas

This is a long one...Sorry. My DD is 5 month old. At 4 mon. we started on cereal. No issues. Then about 2 weeks ago we went to veggies. Green beans no issue, then car...


My 7 Month Old Throws up like an Adult!

T.C. asks from Topeka

My daugher is almost 7 months old. Since January she has had 3 spells where she throws up like an adult. It's really scary because it's either immediately after she ...