Acid Reflux & GERD: Infant, Maalox

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Acid Reflux in Infant

Hello everyone. I am writing to get as much feed back on acid reflux in infants as I can. My daughter started spitting up when she was 2 weeks old i was breastfeeding her and she was extremely uncomfortable. She would arch her back when feeding and then after words she would spit up and chock like 2 hrs after feeding her. The spit up would come out her nose, and she could never settle. After talking with her ped we first tried sleeping her up right, hold her on my shoulder for 30 min after feeding and burping often this did not work. Then...

Signs & Symptoms

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Signs of Acid Reflux?????

My son just turned one month today. I think he may have some signs of acid reflux, but I'm not sure...we just changed his formula to Nutramigen. Does anyone have any experience with this? What are some signs I should look for? Any help would be appreciated! :)


Infant with Reflux

I have a almost 5 month old baby boy with reflux. He was born 13 weeks early...


Signs of Pregnancy

I am wondering what signs there are that you are pregnant before doing a...