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Question for Moms Who Use Financial Planners

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

How much are financial planners and are they really worth it? Thanks!


If You Had $ to Invest for Your Kids

S.D. asks from Phoenix

If you had $6000 to put in some kind of an investment for your child... What would you put it in ? CD are only .35% to 1.25% intrest. It is horriable. And it was ...


Ally Bank

K.L. asks from Savannah

My husband and I are thinking of using Ally bank for a money market account, since the interest is much higher than at our own bank. We would be using this account f...


College Pre-Paid Tuition Plans

N.P. asks from Chicago

Just curious if any of you invest in a pre-paid tuition program for your children. If so, which plans? If not, how else have you chosen to invest for your child's e...


What Kind of Financial Advisor Does My MIL Need?

L.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, I'm looking find out what kind of financial advisor we should find to help out my MIL. It seems my FIL is soon to be needing to go into a nursing hom...


Final Will and Testament

M.A. asks from Chicago

I have a sick uncle. He does not own a home or have many asset except his belongings. We just signed a power of attorney but am wondering what to do next as I under...


Backup Money

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Just curious if any moms have money set aside that hubby either does or does not know about, just in case something would happen in the marriage where you would split.


Inheritance and Taxes

P.P. asks from Minneapolis

My dad passed away and the forms I filled out said it recommends that 20% of federal be taken out of one lump sum and 10% federal should be taken out of the other. T...


Advice on Starting a College Fund

R.D. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms, We have not started a college fund for our kids yet. I'm looking for advice on which is the best way to go. I heard that the 529 fund can change so...


Investing/Saving Question

R.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm hoping some of you are financial gurus who know a lot about investing and can help me with a question. As of right now, we are 100% debt free (about to purchase ...