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Gerber Life Insurance?

I got this peice of mail the other day and it was for Gerber life insurance. No idea what that is? I called and asked how things work with that but I am not, in my community no one I know of gets life insurance. My kids are young we are trying to teach our oldest how important it is to save. But Life Insuarance I HAVE NO IDEA? I guess I am asking for some help to understand this. I understand when someone dies and they have this insurance it can go to unpaid bills, funeral and other unpaid expenses so in my kids case it would be there until...


Life Insurance Drama

Hello fellow mammas! I am the mother of a beautiful 20 mo. old daughter and...


What to Do with 401K

When I left my job over two years ago to stay home with the kids and have...

College Savings & 529

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Gerber Grow up Plan

I am wondering if anyone has started the Gerber Grow Up plan for their children? I received some information in the mail and liked that the policy is worth something when the kids get older which they can use for college or something else. Though, I am also a "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" person. I am just curious what your thoughts are on it. Thanks!


Gerber Life Ins

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have signed up for the Gerber Life...


529 College Plan????

Has anyone ever heard of the 529 plan. I was looking on the internet for...


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Gerber Insurance That Great?

my daughter is almost 9 months old and i was looking at the gerber things you get in the mail about life insurance for you and your partner and then the life insurance for your child in case something happens to you and you pay so much a month and then they can renew it at 21 if they want or do something when they turn 28 it doubles or something. i was just wondering if thats something i should do or just ignore it? its nice because if they need the money you can just get it but it looks like your just going to get whatever you paid for...


Gerber Life Insurance

My stepmom has offered to pay for life insurance for my two daughters. When...


Life Insurance Drama

Hello fellow mammas! I am the mother of a beautiful 20 mo. old daughter and...