Accepting a Messier Home

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Keeping House Clean

M.B. asks from Eugene

Hi Everyone! I get such great help from this site, I thought I ask yet another question. About 7 months ago, I left my job to stay home with my 2 girls. It is some...


Piggyback on Shoes in the House Question

S.G. asks from Grand Forks

I was kind of surprised to see how many people wear outdoor shoes in the house. Where I am from nobody wears outdoor shoes in the house. We wear slippers or socks. ...


How Do You Keep Your House Clean?

V.D. asks from Seattle

I have a two and four year old. I work full time and don't get home until around 6pm each day. I always start out with a clean house each weekend (when I have more ti...


Messy Toothpaste Problems

S.J. asks from Dallas

This is not a monumental problem, but it does drive me crazy and I wanted to get everyone's input on how they handle this situation. I leave the toothpaste in a plac...


Not Enough Time = Messy House

B.S. asks from Allentown

I have two children 4 (Jaykub) & 2 (Jailie). I work full time. When I get home 5:30, I make dinner, give the kids a bath and by 9:30 both of the kids are in bed aslee...


Do You Wear a Bra in Your House?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I have always hated wearing bras when I'm home. I don't notice it when I'm out and about but as soon as I walk through my door, I suddenly become very aware of this ...


How Do You Keep the House Clean? and Keep up with the Kids and Parent?

L.C. asks from Charlotte

i clean all the time but it seems to just get messier and messier, i cant keep up. i have insomnia and i get all the cleaning done in one night and i try to get my mo...


Can't Keep up with the House!

A.P. asks from Saginaw

Hi mom's I am a stay at home mom with a 4yr, 2yr and a 6 month old. I feel like I cant keep up with the housework. I am not an organized person and I need that, an...


Seeking Help with Staying Organized and Clean House

M.D. asks from New York

I really need advice on how to keep up with everything.My house is not very organized right now.Also,all I do is clean,clean,clean.Does it ever stop?


I Need Help Maintaining a Clean House

S.K. asks from Columbus

My personality is always looking for a new exciting adventure and I happen to be the one that is home and in charge of the day to day tasks. My husband gets so fru...