Academic Performance

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Problems with School

J.M. asks from State College

my 6 year old daughter is in first grade, she is ADD, has problems paying attention, and an auditory processing disorder. she does not qualify for an iep because her ...


School Testing

K.E. asks from Dover

Has anyone had their child tested by the school for disabilities and disagreed with the results? My child was recently tested by the school psychologist and I very st...


Private School

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

hi has anyone heard of a private school called Viewpoint in Calabasas??? Do you have any positive or negative info that you will share with me??? I would apprecia...


Not Liking What School Is Doing

R.P. asks from Salt Lake City

My children have a new principal this year. There is a couple things she is doing that don't seem right. How can I find out what the standards for recess, school lun...


School Uniforms!

T.R. asks from Orlando

Sorry! I hope I don't spoil anyone's summer by the thought of school uniforms!! Lol... BUT, yes, they out in the stores and on sale! This is my first year needing them...


School Photography

M.Q. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a photographer or photography studio that will take school photos. Our preschool is located in the near west suburbs.


School Questions

M.D. asks from Austin

We just received our child's end of year conference report from her teacher. She began First grade reading well past middle of first grade level. She is ending first g...


Private School?

E.L. asks from Dallas

I will be meeting with a private school for my 4 year old son. What should I look for or ask? This is a first for me so any and all help/advice will be greatly appre...


School Notification???

B.S. asks from Lansing

Does anyone else's children go to a school that is horrible at notification for the beginning of the year? My daughter has gone to this school for two years. The f...


School Lunches

J.T. asks from Chicago

This year our school is really hitting hard on the kids bringing healthy snacks, I'm all for this. However the school lunches are still the same chicken nuggets, pizza...