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What Exactly Is a 401K?

D.F. asks from New York

My husbands job is pushing him in to signing up towards the 401k plan. What exactly is it? Is it worth signing up for?


401K Loan

K.H. asks from Indianapolis

We have some pretty sizeable credit card debt. Nothing we can't manage month to month (and usually pay more than the minimums). However, it is really taking FOREVER...



K.R. asks from Houston

Does anyone know if an employer has the right to keep an employee from taking their money out of a 401K plan? Apparently, these employees are losing alot of money. ...


What to Do with 401K

M.M. asks from Santa Barbara

When I left my job over two years ago to stay home with the kids and have our baby, I didn't cash out or rollover my 401K. Of course now that the ecomony and stock ma...


401K & Foreclosure

K.M. asks from Milwaukee

My husband and I are having a lot of financial struggles... since I started working first shift, and we've begun paying for childcare, we haven't been able to afford ...


401K's and Penalties for Taking Some Funds Out

K.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hello Mom's Could any of you tell me about penalties on taking money out from your 401K's before retirement. I had some friends take it out for buying a house, but...


Loan from 401K or Reduce Contributions?

J.G. asks from Chicago

We need a bigger house, and we'd like to take advantage of this market. We have no equity due to the market where we live, and we have about 100k into this house we w...


401K - How Much Should I Have in There by 33?

A.D. asks from New York

My parents just retired and I would like to try to understand how much I should have in my 401k by now and how much I should be setting aside. I just started a new jo...


Cashing in My 401K to Pay off Credit Cards

J.V. asks from New York

Hello All, I have about 8K in credit card debt I would like to pay off. I also have 11K in an old 401K from my previous employer. I know the golden rule is not to...


Need Easy to Read Guide for 401K Info, Roth Iras, Etc

S.J. asks from St. Louis

My husband for Christmas would like a book or guide explaining the difference between all the available investment possibilities, most notably Roth IRA's, 401K, etc. ...