1st Day of School

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Kindergarten & Bedtime

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi everyone, my son will be starting Kindergarten in a few weeks, and even though I am pretty sure he will be in the afternoon session, I was wondering (for those of ...


First Day of School Temperament

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I remember, as a kid, having classic "first day jitters" on the first day of school. Sometimes to the point where I couldn't sleep the night before. But my son has ...


Preparation for Kindergarten

C.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter is starting public kindergarten in August and I was wondering what I should do to prepare for it. School starts at 7:50. Drive is probably 20 min or l...


Kindergarten Fear

P.N. asks from Cincinnati

My 6-year-old is terrified of kindergarten, and I need advice on how to help him. He is normally fearless and outgoing. Since he already attended preschool for 2 year...


Anxiety About Kindergarten

L.Q. asks from Washington DC

My 4 year old daughter will turn 5 years old this month. She has never been in a daycare setting. Although we tried many times over the years, she had severe separati...


Kindergarten Age

S.D. asks from Washington DC

I am curious as to how other Moms feel about children entering Kindergarten at age 6 versus age 5. My daughter will miss the cut of by 27 days, I prefer to have her ...


Skipping Kindergarten?

M.K. asks from Sacramento

My sons pre-school teacher recommended we look into 'skipping' kindergarten with our son who's almost 5. We are going to look into it. We do not take it lightly by ...


Preschool/childcare and Kindergarten

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hi mamas, I have a two-fold question. I'm looking for information on preschool/childcare centers as well as Kindergarten near Palos Hills. I'm new to the area. I ha...


My Baby to Kindergarten...

A.M. asks from Kansas City

ok moms, kind of a question (how do you deal with this? there, i asked a question) but also looking for some company for my misery lol. ok misery is an exaggeration.....


Starting Kindergarten

D.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter is starting kindergarten in a week and a half. She is pretty excited about it. I have heard of other families having school kick off celebrations. I was w...