1st Day of School: Infant

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Kindergarten at 5 or Wait Until 6?

E.B. asks from Louisville

My daughter turned 5 in June and up until now I had been 100% sure we would put her in Kindergarten this year. I have worked full time up until this past October and...


The Kindergarten "Preparedness List"

C.H. asks from Tampa

I enrolled my daughter up for kindergarten and the school handed me a "list" of things to bring to openhouse night. Seriously, $64 worth of stuff for her, with a note...


Kindergarten in the Fall or Wait

S. asks from Minneapolis

We are trying to determine whether or not to send our son to kindergarten in the fall or not. He has a summer birthday, so we can really go either way (He'll be 5 t...


Kindergarten ... to Send or Not to Send?

K.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi veteran moms! My son's b'day is 9/3 and apparently the 'soft' cutoff for kindergarten next year- is to be 5 yrs by 9/1. I've read a few articles that kids (espe...


Emotions over Child Entering Kindergarten

M.L. asks from Houston

Our oldest will start kindergarten this year. My husband speaks of it mournfully and quite often, "You only have 8 more months with him alone and you will never g...


Kindergarten and I'm a Nervous Wreck...

D.W. asks from Buffalo

Well the bus schedule for kindergarten came out today and I think it actually just hit me my daughter is going to school and I am in the stages of an anxiety attck. I...


Does Not Want to Go to Kindergarten....

M.F. asks from Philadelphia

Today was my daughter's seventh day of kindergarten. She was doing fine until this morning. When we left for school she said she didn't want to go and that she didn...


Kindergarten Requirements and When to Start

G.K. asks from Salt Lake City

My husband told me that he read something that said June-August babies have a harder time or are at a disadvantage in Kindergarten since they just turned 5 and pretty...


Kindergarten Blues Please Help!

A.M. asks from Houston

My daughter is in her fourth week of kindergarten today and she's still crying and having anxiety attacks. I tried to make her ready and talk to her about school and ...


Holding a Child Back from Kindergarten

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hello moms~ My husband and I are having a tough time deciding what the best option is for our son in the fall. His birthday is late July (turning 5) and I was just...