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Updated Oct 22, 2019

Job-seeking Mommy

July 09, 2008 by Ashley G. - Portland, OR

Hi everyone, When I had my son(11 months ago) my husband and I knew there would be alot of financial sacrifices we w...


New Mom Being Forced to Travel for Work

December 08, 2008 by stacey K. - Portland, OR

i am a new single mom and have a executive position that i have decided to step down from in order to spend more time...


How Can I Be a Stay-at-home-mom?

January 17, 2009 by Sally S. - Portland, OR

My husband and I are arguing about my staying at home until our kid(s) go to school. He says I have to work because ...


Working a Lot

July 06, 2008 by Sarah M. - Portland, OR

So officially I moved out last week, trying some time apart from the hubby, we are having a LOT of problems in the re...


Horribly Conflicted About Returning to Work- Need Advice!

January 29, 2008 by Jennifer B. - Portland, OR

My son is 11 1/2 weeks old and thus my maternity leave (12 weeks, unpaid) is about to end. I am a Nurse Practitioner...