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Updated Jan 18, 2018

Boxer Has Really Bad Allergies

August 31, 2009 by D R. - Steger, IL

Hello Moms, I'm hoping someone out there can help. My Boxer has really bad allergies and as a result, he is const...


Need a Vet

August 28, 2007 by Suzanne B. - Rio Rancho, NM

Hi, I have been so lucky with the questions I have asked and have been very happy with the people who have been re...


Is This Legal??

January 17, 2007 by diana S. - Plano, TX

My husband dropped both our cats off for surgery yesterday in Garland. We were told that they needed to stay overni...


Vets/ Spay & Neuter Coupons

August 28, 2009 by KarenE - Dallas, TX

I have a coupon for a reduced spay/neuter and the following clinics participate. What can you guys tell me about the...


Need a Cheap Vet for My Daughters Cat

June 04, 2008 by sundee r. - Taylor, MI

My daughter has a cat that is almost a year old pregnent and has never been to the vet i need to get her in to see on...


How Do You Know If a Female Dog Has Been Spayed

February 13, 2009 by Amanda B. - Muskogee, OK

I just got a new dog for my daughter they did not know if she was spayed or not. She is 3 years old and I was wonderi...


Doggie Diabetes

January 07, 2009 by Lisa C. - Huntington Beach, CA

Our sweet American Eskimo dog, who is 12, was diagnosed with Canine Diabetes this summer. We have had a difficult ti...


Dogs Nose Dry and Cracked

August 26, 2009 by Wendy e. - Queen Creek, AZ

Hi The top of our dogs nose is dry and cracked. He is outside mostly and the groomer told us he could get a sunbur...