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Updated Jan 23, 2019

Need an Awesome Vet for 2 New Vizsla Puppies

September 17, 2009 by Alisha K. - Plano, TX

Hi Ladies, We have 2 new Vizsla puppies and would love to find a wonderful Vet! We live in East Plano, so somewhe...


Teeth Cleaning for Dog Needed, Any Info. Is Helpful!

September 27, 2009 by Kay A. - Pittsburgh, PA

Alright, my dog is 10 years old and 65-70 lbs. I've been thinking about having her teeth cleaned. I think she may nee...


Looking for Good Vet That Does Not Charge Outrageous Prices near Glencoe?

March 17, 2009 by Jeanne S. - Glencoe, IL

Looking for good vet that does not charge outrageous prices near Glencoe?


Anyone's Dog Need Gallbladder Surgery??

October 06, 2008 by Natalie S. - Pompano Beach, FL

My dog may need gallbladder surgery, I was wondering if anyone else experienced this with their dog and how much it c...


Time to Put the Dog Down??

January 08, 2010 by Amy C. - Franklin Park, IL

We have two dogs- a male Shepard mix, and a female lab/collie mix. The female has been mostly blind for a few years ...


Looking for a Good and Affordable Vet in the Fremont Area-

December 04, 2007 by Maile L. - Fremont, CA

I have a 3 year old dog who my mother in law was taking care of for about a year and a half while we weren't able to ...


Looking for Good Vet in Reston/Herndon Area

September 24, 2008 by Amy C. - Reston, VA

We just adopted a dog and are in need of a good veterinarian in the Reston/Herndon area. If you can recommend yours, ...


Pet Insurance

August 26, 2009 by Frenchy M. - Darien, IL

Hello Ladies: I will be getting a dog that I adopted on Friday. I have not had a dog in many years and noticed the...