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Updated Feb 21, 2020

My Almost 2 Year Old WONT Talk

December 31, 2006 by Kristin G. - Ruther Glen, VA

My son Austin will be 2 in March and he wont talk. Its not that he cant because every once in a while he will say som...


Does He Have Autism?????

April 07, 2007 by Amy L. - Richlands, VA

my two year old son won't talk. we have done everything to get him to but he won't. he is seeing a speech therapist o...


4 Year Old Failed Part of Hearing Test

July 13, 2008 by Chandres P. - Martinsville, VA

I took my 4 year old daughter to the ped. when she complained of her right ear hurting, and I assumed it would be an ...


2 Year Old Delayed Speech

March 15, 2009 by Liz A. - Bristow, VA

My son just turned two the end of February....he was 2 months early so he would have been 2 in April...but I think th...


Advice on 1 Year Old Daughter Who Has Stop Speaking

August 10, 2008 by Linda G. - Sterling, VA

Moms I have 13 month old daughter who up until about 2 weeks ago would say momma and dada but all of a sudden has sto...


Looking for Other Moms of Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

December 03, 2008 by Mandy R. - Glen Allen, VA

Hi! My 26 month old son was recently diagnosed with the speech disorder Apraxia. He is getting speech therapy throu...


17 Month Old Still Not Speaking

March 13, 2008 by Shannon G. - Glen Allen, VA

My 17 month daughter is still not speaking...she babbles off and on throughout the day - but does not talk. Any sugg...