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Updated Feb 17, 2020

How Much Talking Should a 20 Month Old Be Doing?

May 06, 2008 by Jen L. - Schenectady, NY

Okay, so I can already admit that I worry too much. That said at 20 months old how much should a child be talking? I...


Looking for a Phone for My Grandma

January 19, 2010 by Miranda K. - Liverpool, NY

My grandmother lives in SD and me in NY. It is extremely hard to have a conversation with her by phone because she d...


Seeking Speech Therapist in NYC

June 02, 2009 by Wendy P. - New York, NY

My son receives speech therapy through CPSE. However, he only receives services during the school year. His prescho...



September 27, 2006 by shanie-rae i. - Hilton, NY

My 18-mth. old daughter was diagnosed with mild hypotonia or low muscle tone by a physical therapist.She does not qua...


Help the Speech and Ot's Confuzed Me!

May 13, 2009 by Ana R. - Florida, NY

My son is 29 months old, he did not speak very much when he started speech therapy maybe 10 words. He is being gettin...


If Someone Could Help Please

June 14, 2009 by sally A. - Bloomington, NY

I am mom of 3 kidsa , one of my girls has severe hearing loss...she is one year and eight months ...i don't know if ...


2-Yr Old Stuttering with Small Parts of Words - Fast Onset

October 08, 2008 by Chris S. - Ballston Lake, NY

My 2-yr old is an advanced talker, with large sentences and great enunciation. Within the past week he has started t...


My 26 Month Old Boy Is Not Talking Much

January 31, 2009 by Ana R. - Florida, NY

My 26 month old baby is growing in a bilingual home I speak Spanish to him, my husband speaks to him in English, he i...


Seeking Help from Moms Any Location Is Fine but I Live in the Bronx

March 02, 2007 by valerie b. - Bronx, NY

I have a 18 month old son and he still doesn't talk, he can say mama and dada but that's all. he points and knows wha...


Speech Development of a 13.5 Month Old

August 09, 2008 by andrea h. - New York, NY

Hey there Mamas. I have posted an inquiry here before about my daughters speech development. Things are moving alon...