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Updated Feb 26, 2020

How Can I Help My 3 Year Old Overcome His Shyness About His Speech Problem?

December 06, 2006 by Shanna F. - Vine Grove, KY

My 3 year old son has a speech delay called apraxia, which from what I understand, means that the muscles in his mout...


Sensory Problems

October 12, 2008 by Kyra K. - Ashland, KY

just wondered my 3 year old has a speech and slight motor delay but also has alot of sensory issuse such as testure a...



January 11, 2007 by Eliza M. - Louisville, KY

I have a 3 year old girl who seems to be talking a little slower than some of the children in her class. she had to h...


Seeking Talking Help with 13 Month Old

April 05, 2008 by Jan H. - Winchester, KY

My child is currently thirteen months old and only says very few words and I was wondering if I should be concerned. ...