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Updated Sep 20, 2020

Speech Delay Due to Autism

April 09, 2008 by Heather P. - Fremont, CA

Hi, I have a 2.5 yr old daugther who is autistic. She was dignosed about three months ago, since then we have taken a...


19 Mo Old Going for Speech Evaluation

June 14, 2008 by Teresa B. - Royston, GA

My 19 mo old son is going for a speech evaluation next week. Is there anyone out there that can tell me what to expe...


Does Anyone Have a Child with Hypersensitive Hearing?

February 24, 2008 by Tanya M. - Dallas, TX

Hi Moms: My older child (27mo old) has, what doctors think is, a genetic syndrome. In my previous questions I hav...


21 Mo Old Godson Not Talking

March 21, 2008 by Angela H. - Des Moines, IA

I know this has been asked NUMEROUS times on here but here it goes again. My 21 month old godson is not talking at a...


My Son Can't Pronounce the Letter L Well. Is It Normal?

March 17, 2008 by Nickeysmamaita - Montgomery, NY

My son started speaking English quite well early on. By the time most kids say 500 words he already had 1,000 in Engl...


Speech and Eating Problem with My Little Boy

June 30, 2008 by Stacey r. - Wellington, FL

My 3 1/2 year old little boy has had an articulation problem with his speech for sometime now. It is hard for him to...


Verbal Development Delay?

October 25, 2007 by Simone S. - Minneapolis, MN

My son is almost 7 months old, and doesn't seem to be meeting all the verbal milestones. Of course, I GET that babies...


Seeking Advice About Stuttering That Just Started with 2.5Yr Old Daughter

December 13, 2007 by Genelle S. - White Plains, MD

My 2.5 yr old daughter just started stuttering or repeating her first word in a sentence. I noticed it started about...


Possible Processing Disorder

January 22, 2008 by Roberta C. - San Diego, CA

My seven year old son is constantly saying "What did you say?" or "I didn't hear you". He also repeats what he thoug...


We Believe 2 1/2 Yo Daughter Is Tongue Tied

June 08, 2008 by Belinda V. - Lees Summit, MO

Hello, Just wondering if anyone has had experience with minor surgery of frenulectomy (sp?) where the bottom part of...