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Updated Feb 26, 2020

Needing Advice About My 23 Month Old Son

March 27, 2008 by Liz E. - Austin, TX

I have a 23 month old son, turning 2 in April, Who hasn't started talking yet. He babbles alot and says things, but n...


Seeking Talking Help with 13 Month Old

April 05, 2008 by Jan H. - Winchester, KY

My child is currently thirteen months old and only says very few words and I was wondering if I should be concerned. ...


Daughter Not Diagnosed but Can't Talk

March 17, 2008 by Becky K. - Newville, PA

Our daughter who is soon to be 8 can't talk well at all. She has ADHD and we believe she has "SOME" form of Autisim. ...


My Son Stutters

February 05, 2008 by Autumn L. - Tucson, AZ

Hello all, I have a 2 3/4 year old son, Nathaniel, who has started to stutter when he's talking. He has a very wide ...


My Two and a Half Year Old Is Studdering.

June 20, 2007 by Jennifer W. - Absecon, NJ

My son just started studdering while talking a couple of weeks ago. He studders when he is trying to pronounce his w...


How Do You Know If Your Child Needs Speech Therapy?

September 06, 2007 by Allison K. - Anchorage, AK

I was just wondering if anyone out there has experience with speech therapy. My 2 yr 3 month old son has a VERY smal...


20 Month Talking and Balance Trouble

July 30, 2007 by otillua s. - Shelby, NC

Ok here it is my perfect little boy is almost 21 months he started walking at 15months and he still stumbles when he...


How Much Should a 2 Yr Old Be Saying?

May 16, 2008 by Holly D. - Keller, TX

My son is barely 2 (almost 25 months) and I am worried he is behind in speech. He does talk and says quite a bit of w...



June 03, 2008 by Andrea M. - Cortland, NY

My almost 28 month old has started stuttering. It's not every time she speaks, but at first it surprised and alarmed...