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Updated Dec 02, 2020

Seekin Moms That Have Teenage Girls Who Dont Want to Listen to My Advice.

February 22, 2007 by susan n. - Jonesville, NC

i have 3 teenage daughters and my least one, who is 12 going on 20, she doesnt think that she that mom is right about...


Seeking Advice for Teenager

March 29, 2008 by Jolyn C. - San Jose, CA

Any ideas on how to motivate a teenager to do schoolwork/homework? I would appreciate advice from someone who has bee...


Niece Acting Funny

October 30, 2006 by Carol H. - Meriden, CT

My boyfriend's brother and his daughter live with us in the same house. For the most part my son gets along with his ...


Books on Single Parenting

July 27, 2008 by Calicat82 - Milford, NH

I saw ONE book the other day on single parenting, but it wasn't exactly something I thought would be useful. Does any...


Six Month Old Son No Sleep

June 29, 2009 by Melissa L. - Indianapolis, IN

Okay, I've asked this same question about a month or two ago and things have changed so I'm asking again for any advi...


Help New Ideas for Potty Training

June 29, 2009 by Erica B. - Milwaukee, WI

Okay my 2 1/2year old daughter is definately ready for potty training. She tells me when she has to go and then goes...


Me, My Son and I

November 21, 2006 by Dawn C. - Springfield, MO

I have heard all things about this subject but thought I would ask someone that I don't know. I get great advice from...



January 09, 2007 by Leora L. - Roseville, CA

I have been dating this amazing man for eight months now. In the last month we have gradually introduced him to my f...


To Date or Not to Date?

October 18, 2006 by Faith A. - Pendleton, SC

I have a question for single moms or used to be single moms. How do you get back in the dating field? My son is 7 mon...


Looking for a Nice Affordable Rental House in North Fort Worth

July 14, 2006 by Tina . - Fort Worth, TX

HI Mommies, Does anyone know of a cute affordable rental house in Fort Worth. I work for Dr. William Ranelle in t...