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Updated Nov 24, 2020

New Baby Concerns

June 14, 2007 by STACY J. - Newmarket, NH

hello! im stacey and I have an 18 month old daughter and im pregnant. My daughter will be just shy of 2 when the new ...


Twins from Cribs to Bed

October 13, 2008 by Kristina F. - Salt Lake City, UT

I am a mother of 3 year old twins... I am needing to switch them from cribs to big boy beds but I am scared what that...


Toddler Who Holds Her Bms

September 10, 2006 by Jennifer . - Powell, OH

Does anyone have any advice for what to do for a toddler that holds their BMs because they don't want to go? I have ...


Upset by Sisters Parenting

May 31, 2007 by Jessica D. - Saranac, NY

I have a sister who is a year older than myself, whom i love very much. She has been in an out of relationships for t...


12 Yr Old Has No Interest in Friends

November 08, 2008 by Leslie L. - Crowley, TX

I have a 12 yr old step son who has no interest in doing things with kids his age. He'd rather be home doing nothing ...


Spacing of Children

August 21, 2008 by Amanda W. - Tooele, UT

My partner and I have a boy who just turned 6 months. Next month we want to start trying for another baby. We do want...


Brothers Sharing a Room

June 23, 2009 by Bridget N. - Birmingham, MI

We are getting ready to move this week and because of the layout of our new house, it makes sense for our boys to sha...


Walking Partner

June 23, 2009 by Auntie jan D. - North Aurora, IL

I live in North Aurora, Illinois and would love to have someone walk with me. I need to start exercising and this ma...


Alone Time for Toddler

June 22, 2009 by Corine W. - Glendale, AZ

Jaymn is going to be 18 months next month and he doesn't like to play by himself. He has an older 7 year old sister w...