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Updated Jan 15, 2018

Do I Have PPD

March 05, 2007 by Brittany H. - Troy, MO

I have had a lot going on this year and am worried that I'm getting PPD. I have a daughter that just turned two in D...


How Long After Baby Can Systems Appear?

February 13, 2007 by Julia M. - Utica, MI

My daughetr is 8 months old, and I think I am just now starting to fell some postpartum symptoms. I can't stop crying...


Postpartum Trauma

January 03, 2009 by Erika S. - Helena, MT

I gave birth to my daughter three months ago after 24 hours in labor. She was healthy and everything seemed fine unti...


Help Is This PPD and Is There OTC Medication That Can Help???

January 01, 2009 by Barbara G. - Worcester, MA

My sister in law gave birth to my nephew 15 days ago and she is on an emotional roller coaster. She is not concerned...


C Section Sadness for Supermom

February 05, 2007 by Heather H. - Fort Collins, CO

I had an unplanned, urgent C section with my first child five years ago. I felt pretty awful about it, so when I was...


First Time Mom --- All Alone and Lost

February 20, 2008 by Steph S. - McKinney, TX

Hello, I have a 5 month old beautiful daughter. I desparately wanted to breastfeed but my doctor pulled me off imatu...


Please Remind Me That It Does Get Better....

June 15, 2007 by Tasha W. - Grovetown, GA

As most everyone on here knows I have a 6 week old son, but you may not know that I was dignosed with Postpartum a fe...


Suffering from Postpartum Depression

November 09, 2006 by Jamie W. - Tucson, AZ

Ever since I had my son 5 months ago, I have felt very bad all the time. I cry a lot and have mood swings. I feel v...


Colic Baby??? Hearing impaired...Feeling Guilty for Other Kids!!

October 16, 2008 by Heather R. - Bellingham, WA

Hi Moms, I guess I need some advice, I have 3 kids a 13 year old boy, a 2 year old girl and a 6 week old girl. ...


One Month Old Very Stuffy

May 26, 2007 by Cristal R. - Grants Pass, OR

i have a baby girl whowas born on 4-20-07 .. we came home from the hospital 2 days later.. eversince we been here at ...