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Updated May 28, 2020


September 26, 2007 by Amie V. - Oxford, MI

My daughter LOVES dogs and we lost our Chow shortly after she was born. I think it is time to get her a puppy, but a...


Cat Behaving Badly

October 06, 2007 by Christa C. - Waterford, MI

I'm at a loss. Our cat has been spraying/peeing on our new carpet in the basement since we brought home our son. I do...


Pets Barking

March 16, 2009 by Amber S. - Belleville, MI

I have a a year old german shep, she barks at everything. the neighbors dogs are driving her crazy too, with thier ba...


3 1/2 Yr Old Who Hits Our Dog

March 31, 2009 by Melissa M. - Livonia, MI

Help! We recently adopted a beautiful 2 year old lab retriever who has adjusted great to our home. He has a great t...


Pet Odor

February 09, 2008 by Sashelle S. - Highland, MI

I am staying at a home where they have several dogs and a couple of cats. The odor can be overwhelming. I stay in th...


10 Year Old Dog and 8 Month Old Baby

June 02, 2009 by Marcie K. - Lansing, MI

Hello moms, In the last few days our 10 year old dog started growling at our 8 month old son. Her vet highly reco...


Advice About Aggressive Pet

February 03, 2008 by Cari K. - Westland, MI

We have had a english bulldog for 5yrs and she has behaved fairly well. Our 23 month old son came along and her atti...


What Would You Do If Your Cat........????

May 07, 2008 by danielle r. - Three Oaks, MI

Ok, I have a cat and we do love him dearly, but I'm not so sure it is worth it to keep him!! We live in an apartment ...


Help with Dog Challenges

March 27, 2008 by Carrie L. - Rochester, MI

Our 3 year old Weim/Lab mix is waking us up in the morning to be fed or go outside and it's causing our son to wake u...


Daughter Hurt Cat

April 28, 2008 by Anne S. - Livonia, MI

Tonight at dinner, our four-year-old told us that she "choked the cat" today. Apparently, she was in her bedroom (ha...